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Is your B2B tech stack letting you down?

Wayfinder can help you find your best path forward

Are you being asked to do more with less? Whether you need help on a specific project or ongoing fractional CMO leadership, Wayfinder can guide the way.

I’m Mike. Your guide. Your Wayfinder. I’m here to help you optimize your tech stack with a strong foundation that enables your business to thrive. With more than 2 decades of experience in marketing, data, and CRM (including 15 years in the Salesforce ecosystem and over 7 years as a Salesforce employee), I can guide you to success.


Data is foundational to every aspect of your business, and good data is critical to maximizing ROI from Apps and AI. I can help identify areas for data cleanup and optimization and define a data strategy to ensure your integrated tech stack is operating on the most accurate data.


With extensive experience in technology from home-grown systems to SaaS point solutions to CRM leaders like HubSpot and Salesforce, I have worked with organizations from startups to non-profits to the largest global corporations to implement and enhance tech stacks to maximize ROI.


AI is transforming every industry and app. I can guide you through the hype to determine the best predictive and generative AI use cases to enable your business to take advantage of this emerging and rapidly evolving technology.

Fractional Leadership

The role of the CMO continues to evolve, becoming more technical and requiring a solid understanding of how to leverage data, apps, and AI. I can supercharge your marketing strategy with the expertise and leadership to execute using a right-sized MarTech stack that delivers rapid results with a limited commitment.

Why Choose Wayfinder?


I provide a truly unbiased point of view, with recommendations not tied to any single platform or technology provider.


My approach is informed by my experiences as a customer, implementation partner, and team leader with several top-tier SaaS organizations.


I deliver customized services at a fraction of the cost of large consultancies, and I can adjust to your timeline and needs.

Customer Experience

I’ll be your single point of contact, delivering rapid success and avoiding the challenges of working with large project teams.

Ready to Move?

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